Marv Willard - PD/Owner

"Our mission statement is nostalgia! Simple as that! Music instantly transports us back to our younger days. We concentrate on the New Classics of Generation X! Somewhere after disco and before grunge completely took over the scene is our sweet spot for the largest library of Throwbacks in the WORLD!!! With over 20 years of experience, passion & research; We know the songs our audience wants to hear! From Legendary Hits to Forgotten gems! Cross referencing Pop, Rock, New Wave, Cross Overs, R&B/Hip Hop, Hair Bands as well as those Late 70s & early 90s JAMS that flow more with the 80s!! We know the charts from Billboard, Cashbox, R&R, FMQB, Gavin Report to Dial MTV.... So get Ready to take a trip back in time Every Time you tune in with our Nostalgic Promos & Movie Clips and Unparalleled Classic Hits Library!